Southern Israel
Bridging Fund

At SIBF, we support visionary founders and offer them a bridge –

both financially and strategically – towards scaling up.

Our mission

One billion sounds bold. We agree.

Our mission

Our unique process & Practical approach

deal flow

VCs, private equity & leading angels

approach us to help their companies.


We examine the company and optimize all its business aspects including

management, finance, legal, target markets, therefore offering and more.


We help the company to grow

and become a market leader.


We bring the relevant VCs, private equity and corporations

on board and guide the handing over of the company.




The next generation of vacuum electronics

We developed the future

We have developed a digital X-ray source enabling a cost reduction of imaging systems by orders of magnitude. ‍

We are a global company planning mass deployment of imaging systems.

Connecting non-profit organizations to philanthropy

Get grants for organization

Atlas’ online database, the only one of its kind in Israel, was launched by a small, faithful team.
Within a few years, the Atlas database became the leading philanthropic repository

P2P crowd-mapping technology

Create a pro-quality video in no-time

The next generation of vacuum electronics

Real-time vision analysis and decision-making software

Everything you need in one cloud-based broadcast

An innovative multi- national Fantasy Sports platform

Disrupting the concept of alga-culture industrial manufacturing

Connecting non-profit organizations to philanthropy

Reinventing inverter solutions. Remodeling grid stability.

Revolutionary solution for herbicide resistant weeds

Egg sex determination

Bio-artificial pancreas

Automatic metadata discovery and data lineage for BI

Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence

Innovative Hair Brush

Unique Security In-Product Tagging Solutions

Enhance Reliability, Safety and Cyber-security of Industrial Assets

Unique patented “Dual Sided RFPM” architecture

Alcohol balance & recovery 

Algorithmic platform for health data prediction based on genetic analysis.

Chiller Optimization Solution

A reversible multi polytrophic processes approach for energy storage.

Re-Innovating Rapid Diagnostics

Next Generation Molecular Level Analysis

Introducing alternative zero-emission fuel to enable the clean energy transition

developing an innovative, efficient, and affordable static solar lighting system